Royalty free Christmas music

November 15, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner so here is our latest royalty free Christmas music collection… Royalty free Christmas music

royalty free christmas music

We have a great library of traditional Christmas music, hymns, carols and fun Christmas music tracks ready for instant download and easy licensing. License this festive Christmas music for all media including YouTube videos, film and television, mobile apps, games and the Internet, also can be used in shops, restaurants and waiting rooms.


Download music loops at

July 6, 2011

We have uploaded more than 600 brand new music loops at our royalty free music library. Music loops are small in file size and fast to download making them perfect background music for web pages, iPhone apps, games, toys and musical birthday cards. Browse our Music loops and listen to our previews before you purchase and download these great new music loops instantly.

Royalty free music for Filmmakers

May 10, 2011

300 new Royalty free music tracks for filmmakers. These new tracks include 30 second cuts and 60 second cuts ideal for television advertising. We also have Full tracks for use as background music for a film or the title music in an epic movie. In our latest update we have many new tracks featuring live instruments such as acoustic guitar, flute, violin solos and piano solos all beautifully played by professional musicians. You can preview first and download instantly all this great production music and many more at Royalty free music and with our easy licensing you can find the perfect piece of music for your film or advertising commercial in no time.

Classical Music for Weddings and Wedding ceremony music

April 3, 2009 presents…

Music for a Wedding ceremony

Traditional Wedding - Essential Royalty Free Classical Music For Wedding Ceremonies

The most essential classical music for wedding DVD, video presentations and the wedding ceremony music itself. Wagners well known wedding march a.k.a. “Here comes the bride” on church organ is for the entrance of the bride music then the fanfare of Mendelssohn’s wedding march from a midsummer nights dream will play as the bride leaves the church.

Background music for a Wedding

Contemporary Wedding - Essential Royalty Free Classical Music For Wedding Ceremonies

Beautifully played classical music for a wedding ceremony with class. These classical masterpieces create a rich ambience and the right atmosphere instantly transforming your wedding reception in to the setting you imagined and your video memories enhanced professionally. This compilation is ideal wedding background music for waiting rooms, signing the register and sets the perfect mood for eating and drinking.